Mission Statement:

Learning is continuous. Learners are able to learn anytime, anywhere. No longer is learning confined to a classroom: with their digital tools, learners can always engage in their local and global communities.

Learning is relevant. Learners identify and solve problems that matter now.  No longer is the real world segregated from the classroom: our learners engage in rich learning experiences that develop their agency to change the world.

Learning is adaptive. Learners manage their own learning.  No longer is one form of engagement mandated: with twenty-first century competencies and individual learning plans, learners discover how to use their skills to shape the future.


Vision Statement:

The School of the Future is about redefining the “norm”. It is about answering the question, “What if?” And it is about demonstrating what learning must look like in the 21st century for all students. We envision an empowered and connected community where learning is continuous, relevant and adaptive. We envision a school that works to close the technology gap in urban education and provides our learners with the skills and competencies necessary for problem solving and lifelong learning. We envision a post-secondary school opportunity for each one of our learners that facilitates continued education and the achievement of personal goals.

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