How to contact educators

Most educators do not have voice mail, so e-mail is the best way to contact an educator directly with questions or concerns. The second column is the e-mail handle of the educator.

To complete the address, add to the email handle.

Educators' Contact Information

Educator NameEmail handleContent Area
Steve BarbagiovannisbarbagiovanniPhysical Education Educator
Christine Bastian
Special Education: Life Skills Educator
Alexander Bouwman
Math Educator
Andrew Butryn abutrynMath Educator
Daniel CenterdcenterSocial Studies Educator
Alicia Conquest
World Language Educator
Daniel CorreiadcorreiaScience Educator
Nick CostancostaInstrumental Music Educator
Louis DonnellyldonnelySocial Studies Educator
Peter Ellis pfellisEnglish Educator
Ian Flamm
English Educator
Steven FreilichsfreilichScience Educator
Tom Glynn
11th & 12th Grade Counselor
Linda Heeg lmheegArts & Humanities Educator
Joseph Hill johillScience Educator
Marc Jacksonmjackson2Instrumental Music Educator
Loretta JacksonljacksonduilioEnglish Educator
Ricardo JacksonrijacksonInstrumental Music Educator
Gregory Johnson gjohnson4Special Education: Multiple Disabilities Educator
Jakita Johnsonjjohnson4College & Career Coordinator
Alexander KuderaakuderaMath Educator
Eric LandeelandeMath Educator
Mary Pat LavinmharronSpecial Education: Autistic Support Educator
Andrew Lynch amlynchSocial Studies Educator
Grace MartinglmartinSocial Studies Educator
Donna McGilberry-Wilson dmcgilberrywilsonEnglish Educator
Evelyn McIlvaineemcilvaineSpecial Education: Learning Support
Sharon McKnight sjmcknightSpecial Education: Life Skills Educator
Zachary MinkenzminkenScience Educator
Marvia Morganmmorgan2Technology Educator
Najah NaylornnaylorTechnology Educator
Samantha NewmansnewmanSpecial Education: Autistic Support Educator
Meagan Rubino mcmcgowanSBTL
Robert SassirsassiSpecial Education: Autistic Support Educator
Cynthia SnipesclsnipesSpecial Education: Learning Support
Jessica Tosto jdelongPhysical Education Educator
Kendra UrstakurstaEnglish and Social Studies Educator
Andrew Warren amwarren
Arts & Humanities Educator
Dawn WatanabedwatanabeSpecial Education: Learning Support
Howard Waxman hlwaxmanPhysical Education Educator & Athletic Director
Brett Zaba bzabaSpecial Education: Multiple Disabilities Educator