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How to contact educators

Most educators do not have voice mail, so e-mail is the best way to contact an educator directly with questions or concerns. The second column is the e-mail handle of the educator.

To complete the address, add to the email handle.

Educators' Contact Information

Educator NameEmail handleContent Area
Steve BarbagiovannisbarbagiovanniPhysical Education
Christine Bastian
Special Education: Life Skills Educator
Phoebe Baum
World Language
Alexander Bouwman
Math Educator
Kadima BukasakbukasaTechnology Educator
Andrew Butryn
Math Educator
Steve CarverSpecial Education: Learning Support
Alicia Conquest
World Language
Daniel CorreiadcorreiaScience Educator
Julius DahneSpecial Education: Learning Support
Peter Ellis pfellisEnglish Educator
Collin FinchcfinchMath Educator
Ian Flamm
English Educator
Tom Glynn
Elizabeth Harvey-Sallak emharvey
Science Educator
Linda Heeg lmheegArts & Humanities Educator
Joseph Hill johillScience Educator
Ashley Hunter amhunterSpecial Education SEL
Gregory Johnson gjohnson4Special Education: Multiple Disabilities Educator
Mary Pat LavinmharronSpecial Education: Autistic Support Educator
Andrew Lynch amlynchSocial Studies
Donna McGilberry-Wilson dmcgilberrywilsonEnglish Educator
Evelyn McIlvaineSpecial Education: Learning Support
Sharon McKnight sjmcknightSpecial Education: Life Skills Educator
Richard McLaughlin rjmclaughlinSpecial Education: Autistic Support Educator
Gennaro Nicastro gnicastroMath Educator
Gary OnuekwusigoneukwusiClimate Liason
John RomanijromaniSocial Studies
Meagan Rubino mcmcgowanSocial Studies
Emily Simpson esimpsonSocial Studies
Cynthia SnipesclsnipesSpecial Education: Learning Support
Louis SolerlsolerEnglish Educator
Samantha Sonnak ssonnakScience Educator
Jessica Tosto
jdelongPhysical Education
Kendra UrstakurstaEnglish and Social Studies Educator
Andrew Warren awarren
Arts & Humanities Educator
Howard Waxman hlwaxmanPhysical Education & Athletic Director
Shannon WyffelsPinch Hitter
Brett Zaba bzabaSpecial Education: Multiple Disabilities Educator


Last modified: January 8, 2019