Math Tutoring Available Every Week

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Math tutoring will be held every Wednesday in Mr. Nicastro’s classroom (RM 246) after school, from 3:04 – 4:15pm.

October is Family Appreciation Month!

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October is Family Appreciation Month

We are joining the Office of Family and Community Engagement as they celebrate October as “Family Appreciation Month”. During the month of October, a series of activities and educational opportunities are being offered to families. For a schedule of activities and for more information visit them at

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What can I do with that major? Part I

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Welcome to the first profile in our series on college majors!


The study of sociology provides a critical understanding of the organization of social groups as small a family to as big as en entire nation. Sociology looks at patterns of social life and behavior in an attempt to explain how large-scale social trends can affect a single person (like globalization).

What can you do with a sociology degree?
• Law School
• Business School
• Research
• Management
• Teach

A degree in sociology prepares you to better interact with people from many different walks of life. It allows you to understand what effects employees when they come to work, students when they come to school, or citizens when considering who to vote for.

The next profile will be on Biology, a major that has more to offer than meets the eye.

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Firebird Athletics: Girls’ Volleyball

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Coach Hunt speaks with the team before the game begins.

Coach Hunt speaks with the team before the game begins.

The Firebird Volleyball team is comprised of seasoned veterans as well as new recruits. The team is coached by Mr. Hunt, SOF’s Athletic Director, and lead by two senior captains, Ziarah Washington and Alizea Goodman.

Mr. Hunt is impressed with the leadership skills his captains display while working with the team. “The girls are great,” he says, “They’re positive with one another and uplifting. They keep each other humble and have a good time,”.


This is Mr. Hunt’s first year coaching the team and he attributes the girls’ strong start to the solid coaching they received last year from Mr. Gaffey, “As a coach I’ve received a bit of a gift with this team. I can really just condition them and teach strategy because they already know everything else,” says Hunt.

Over twenty young women are on the roster this season, making a JV team a good prospect for the future. The growth and strength of the squad is unprecedented.


The girls started out the season with three wins in a row and continue to put up a strong game. Look out for more news about the team’s progress. Go Firebirds!

Back To School Night (2014-2015)

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Back to School Night Flyer 2015

School Year 2014 – 2015

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Hello & welcome to School Year 2014 – 2015!

We’re excited to have a new chief learner, Mr. Richard Sherin.  Please come by and meet him.

School will start at 7:55 am and end at 3:04.  Please make sure you arrive on time!

Returning learners, please log in to to see your classes for this school year.  You forgot your password?  Click the “forgot my password” link.

The first day of school for learners is September 8, 2014.  Come to school ready to work and learn!  We’re excited to see you!

Uniforms have changed slightly.  You may wear any color jeans, capris, skirts or shorts.  They may have cargo pockets.  They may be khakis or slacks.   Skirts and shorts must reach the knee.  They must be clean and untorn.

Tops must be the SOF blue shirt, or any SOF-issued shirt.

Not allowed:

  • ball shorts
  • yoga/workout pants
  • sweat pants
  • holes or other distressed styles
  • athletic/ breakaway pants
  • open toed shoes/sandals/flip flops
  • tank tops or sleeveless styles
  • leggings/tights as pants
  • jeggings


Formal addendum:
In lieu of the school uniform shirt, learners may dress in business professional attire.  This is limited to:

  • collared shirts, either polo style or button down
  • sleeved dresses that reach the knee removal . Target promo code