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School of the Future Handbook

School of the Future does not have an officially adopted handbook for the 2017-2018 school year.  We follow the School District of Philadelphia Code of Student Conduct. The Code of Student Conduct applies to all students while traveling to and from school, using any mode of transportation, as well as during any school related event. Additionally, the Code applies to off ground and after-hours behavior if there is a nexus to the school and the learning environment at the school is disrupted.

School Schedule
7:25 am – 2:34 pm

The District School and Administration office calendar is posted on the website.  Any changes to this calendar will be posted there, as well as weather-related closures.  Weather-related closures are usually posted by 5 AM of the day in question.


School of the Future uses phone calls and social media to connect to parents, learners, and staff members.  Please follow us on Facebook (, instagram (, and/or twitter (@phillysof).  School announcements are also sent out via phone call to the phone number on record in the main office.  Occasionally, we also mail information home to the address on record in the main office.

  • Make sure your information is always up to date in the main office
  • Follow School of the Future on Facebook (
  • Follow @PhillySOF on twitter
  • Follow School of the Future on Instagram (


SEPTA Transpasses are distributed to learners who live greater than a certain distance from the school.  Transpassess are distributed during advisory on Friday for the following week.  If your child is absent from school on Friday, they may come to the main office during advisory on the date they return.

Uniform Policy

The purpose of the dress code is to eliminate distractions and create a professional school environment. Learners are expected to be neat, clean, and well-groomed at all times. Learners must be in uniform every day that school is in session.

Uniform Shirts

A School of the Future polo shirt or blue, collared School of the Future shirt must be worn daily. School shirts may not be covered by other garments, except for School of the Future- identified garments.


You may wear any solid color khakis or slacks.   Skirts and shorts must be worn at the waist and reach the knee.  Pants, shorts, and skirts must be clean and untorn. Pants and skirts may not have holes, rips, distressed style, or any tears in them.

  • ball shorts
  • yoga/workout pants
  • sweat pants
  • holes or other distressed styles
  • athletic/ breakaway pants
  • open toed shoes/sandals/flip flops
  • tank tops or sleeveless styles
  • leggings/tights as pants
  • see through clothing

PE uniforms may not be used in replacement of school uniform


The uniform clothing, which may be purchased at the school store, must be the visible outside layer of clothing at all times.  Hoodies, jackets, or sweaters that are not School of the Future issued may not be worn while in the building.

Other accessories

Open toed shoes/sandals/flip flops of any style are not permitted.  Hats are not permitted to be worn in the building.

Physical Education Uniform

Learners must wear proper athletic attire and sneakers for physical education class. Black soled sneakers are not permitted. Preparation for P. E. is important and includes wearing the proper attire.  A learner who is unprepared will not be given credit.


Last modified: February 28, 2018