What makes us great?

Activities & Events

At SOF, we take pride in our vibrant system of positive behavior incentives, celebrating learners who consistently demonstrate exemplary conduct in attendance, academics, and character. Exciting events like dances, awards assemblies, spirit weeks, pep rallies, and the prestigious ‘Learner of the Month’ recognition are an integral part of our diverse initiatives.

Arts and Music Program

Nurturing creativity and artistic talent is at the heart of SOF’s priorities. Through introductory classes, learners build a strong foundation in art and music, with options to further explore their passion in choir, band, and advanced courses.

Art exhibitions and showcases not only celebrate their achievements but also foster essential skills for personal growth and success, enriching our well-rounded education that embraces the transformative power of the arts.


Aligned with the Department of Athletics mission, SOF aims to help learners grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while developing personal, physical, and intellectual skills. Our interscholastic athletic participation emphasizes teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and character-building, ensuring a holistic approach to our learners’ development.