The School District of Philadelphia and Microsoft joined forces in 2003 to plan, build, and support a high school that could serve as a model for 21st Century learning communities around the world and would:

  • Practice and promote digital inclusion.
  • Integrate technology into every area of the learning community, including curriculum delivery, community collaboration, office support, content creation, and sharing content and assessments.
  • Generate innovative education practices and new models for learning.
  • Create an environment that engages all learning community members and helps to inspire passionate, personal responsibility for learning.

School of the Future aims to explore ways to better prepare students (learners) for success in our digital world and global economy. And we want to magnify those successes by enabling others to replicate or adapt the processes, innovations, and outcomes realized during its life cycle (from conception to planning and formation, and continuing through running the school). Essentially, our school is intended to be a reference—a model—for others who want to create a 21st Century learning environment.

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